Ingress, possibly the most addicting Augmented reality game out there.

Ingress Logo, a 3-dimensional cube with an overlayed inverted triangular pyramid

Don’t get me wrong, I love this game–
that being said it has some major drawbacks.
The main one being the amount of phone resources it uses.  Holy crap, can this app chew through your battery!  I’ve literally killed a full battery in under two hours playing this game.  If you’re looking to get started in Ingress, there are a few “essentials” that you’re going to need.  First and foremost is portable power: You have a few choices here, you can try to let your phone charge between portals in your car, or you can go for Portable power!

When it comes to portable, you again have literally hundreds of options, but I must caution you: Don’t go shopping for this stuff at your local mall, your poor wallet will get destroyed.  Instead check out the Anker power packs, there are three you should check out :

 Average power | High power | SUPER POWERS    (For the price, I’d say the third one)
[Outdated, see new post]
There are a few drawbacks to this, you have only a single brick, which takes a long time to charge, and once it’s dead, it’s dead.  Your other option (which is cheaper!) is to go for the iGO AA powered charger, your choice of either a “tip” that goes into your phone, or a USB universal tip that you use your own cord with (and can keep the power pack in your pocket)  If you go the route of the iGO, you’ll need at least a few of the following:
| The base power unit | the Universal USB tip | and AA rechargeables |
[Doesn’t supply enough Amps for most devices, see new post]

Going with the Anker will be ~$50, while the iGO is ~$30, and you have more power, because with 2500 mAh batteries, 6 of them equals the largest Anker unit, and can be recharged anywhere, or you can buy disposable AAs at any store if you’re on the go.

One more thing, please don’t play this game and drive, it’s tempting to hack portals as you drive around, but it’s waaaaay more distracting compared to texting.  Get a friend to drive, and work both phones, or just leave the phone on so you can gather XM on your way to work.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading!

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