Ender’s Back!

Well, after a *VERY* long break in posts, here’s the news:

Minecraft is down, won’t be returning.  Lack of funds, very little interest in the server.

 Also down for good, same reason as above.

Now employed part time as a Computer Consultant for a few Businesses, as well as continuing freelance computer work.

Working on a few personal projects, I now have access to a 3d scanner!  Also got wind of a large order for dog tags, contact me if you want to place an order.
Ender-at-enderomega.com (I’m sure you can figure out what needs to be taken out…)

Global Agenda: 
Inactive while I work on projects, will be returning shortly

League Of Legends: 
One or two rounds a day, usually in mid-afternoon or late evening


I’m sure you all wanted to know this stuff, which is why you’re reading this, and not a good book.  I’ll be trying to convince a certain someone to provide me with a sample of her work to put up here for public viewing.


See you soon,