Banking on Opportunities, and reflecting on those lost.

Today, as many Noobonic players have noticed, I wasn’t on for very long last night, nor was I on for my morning Cleanup.


I’m babysitting, and the kid I’m watching wanted me to make a post, and so here we are.

Good news and bad news about 3D prints @ Techshop, the Thing-O-Matic is out of commission for a few days, first because the extruder Nozzle got clogged, and then the Temperature Cutoff sensor was put in the wrong spot, and then we ran out of ceramic tape!

Murphy had a field day with that poor Makerbot.


I’ll be on some time in the next few days, leave a comment if you are having problems on the MC server.

Also, I won’t be updating the server for a few days at least, so don’t update your client!


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