Ender’s Back!

Well, after a *VERY* long break in posts, here’s the news:

Minecraft is down, won’t be returning.  Lack of funds, very little interest in the server.

 Also down for good, same reason as above.

Now employed part time as a Computer Consultant for a few Businesses, as well as continuing freelance computer work.

Working on a few personal projects, I now have access to a 3d scanner!  Also got wind of a large order for dog tags, contact me if you want to place an order.
Ender-at-enderomega.com (I’m sure you can figure out what needs to be taken out…)

Global Agenda: 
Inactive while I work on projects, will be returning shortly

League Of Legends: 
One or two rounds a day, usually in mid-afternoon or late evening


I’m sure you all wanted to know this stuff, which is why you’re reading this, and not a good book.  I’ll be trying to convince a certain someone to provide me with a sample of her work to put up here for public viewing.


See you soon,


Hello world!

Welcome to Ender’s Blog, Est. January 24th, 2012 A.D.

This blog will have information and updates on several topics, including my Minecraft server (And status), My Current Employment, Education, and other life topics.

I will keep each part separate, so no worries about having to read my life story just to find out what’s happening on the minecraft server.

Speaking of which, I will be adding a simple forum for that, so people can leave messages and ideas, talk about things, and what ever else people do on forums.

Looking to check out the minecraft server?  I just set up a forward, so instead of the IP address, here’s the New Link!  (Enter this in the ‘Address’ box in minecraft)


If anyone would like to give me a hand with minor things, or would like to have a section to post their own stuff in, let me know, just shoot an email to ender[—at—]enderomega.com


More to come soon, Keep an eye out!