A few quick notes before I get into my normal rant:

Minecraft Server :The server is still running 1.1, as the Bukkit team has not released a 1.23 build that is not still beta.
Also, I have secured the server funds for the next two months, so Build on!

MrZeplon: A friend of mine has done several videos on StarCraft 2, and is now branching out to League of Legends, so here’s a shout out to him, and a link to his ‘How to play Soraka’ video

Now, on to my Ranting.

First up, Origin.  EA pulled several of their titles off of steam, and have made it impossible to play some games without their Content management system that is still technically in beta.  If anyone cares about that, leave a comment.  If you have no cares to give about EA, Origin, or Mass Effect, leave a comment so I know what to and what to not rant about.

Second: Mass Effect 3 – Yes, I am ranting about the endings.  They were the worst scripted endings I have *EVER* seen in a game.  And I have played a LOT of games.  I am going to do another play through so I can see if I overreacted the first time, so keep an eye out for that.


That’s about all that I have for now, so take a peek every once in a while to see what I’m doing.  Have something that I might find interesting?
Shoot me an email — ender[[at]], and I’ll take a look!

Until next time,
Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Banking on Opportunities, and reflecting on those lost.

Today, as many Noobonic players have noticed, I wasn’t on for very long last night, nor was I on for my morning Cleanup.


I’m babysitting, and the kid I’m watching wanted me to make a post, and so here we are.

Good news and bad news about 3D prints @ Techshop, the Thing-O-Matic is out of commission for a few days, first because the extruder Nozzle got clogged, and then the Temperature Cutoff sensor was put in the wrong spot, and then we ran out of ceramic tape!

Murphy had a field day with that poor Makerbot.


I’ll be on some time in the next few days, leave a comment if you are having problems on the MC server.

Also, I won’t be updating the server for a few days at least, so don’t update your client!


Forums, Makerbot, and Storms, OH MY!

Yesterday (Leap Day) was an odd day, as I find most leap days are.

The Forum won’t let me log into the administration page, so I log in, then click the administration link, and it logs me out.  Strange.

The MakerBot at TechShop stopped working mid print (I was printing a frog since it was leap day) and we couldn’t get it going again.  Hopefully they have it sorted.

The Storms yesterday.  Oh my gosh.  There was a bolt of lightning that hit no more than a few hundred feet away.  I was at my Church (a Wednesday Night Dinner thing), and I was worried that the AED (Auto. External Defib.) would get some action.


Also, I’m looking for one or two people who would like a place to explore websites, I am willing to give you your own little part of my site.

What’s the catch?
Whatever you learn, you write up a post in a sub-blog, with a kind of Inception to Conception to completion feel.  You write a proposal, I’ll look them over, and give one or two of you a sub section, with your choice of types of things (aside from WordPress & PHBB, as I already have those) to create.  Once you’ve gotten it all set up, and when you want to move out to your own site, I’ll provide 100% of your files once you’ve held up your end of the bargain (Blogging on how to do what you’ve done) with no other strings or catches.

Think about it, and look for the link to my Dev-Blog in the next post.

Random Projects at Techshop

I went to techshop today (After fighting with my car for several hours, but I’ll rant about that later.)


I decided to make some Cardboard throwing stars, and once I made 3 of them, I decided to use a 15×18 sheet of cardboard to make 30 more.  I think I may have something here…

Now this, is a wooden Jigglypuff, made for someone I work with at my church, because they find this Pokemon absolutely hilarious.

More on this later.

I’ll add more to this post when I have time.


Oh, and no, I haven’t finished setting up the forums.


Administrator on Noobonic Plague

Well, after months of waiting, my Admin application on Noobonic has been approved!

I will be spending most of my gaming time on Noobonic, but I will still work on the minecraft servers here and there.

I will open up comments to anyone on this post, let me know what you would like to see on my Minecraft server in the near future.

While Noobonic is Down

Just wanted you all to know that you are all welcome to have some fun on my Minecraft server while noobonic is down.

Hope to see you there,