Dog Tags

I have officially started taking orders for dog tags, orders are to be submitted via email (bottom of page)

I can do Red, Black, Blue, Silver, or Gold.

Special Colors upon request, but there will be a $1.25 charge (I have to buy singles @ that price)

1 – $4.00
2 – $7.50
3 – $9.50
4 – $11.00

What’s included
Front: 2-3 lines of Text
Back: Logo + 1 line of small text, OR 2-3 Lines of text

Any orders larger than 4 will be given a bulk discount (regardless of how many designs)

Payment is due after Design has been approved, I will not make the tags until you pay me, and I have confirmed payment.

Tags may take up to 3 days to make, depending on how long I have to wait to get access to the Laser Table.
The tags will be mailed in a special envelope with air pockets surrounding the dog tag.
If you want / need to get them faster, or if you want better packing, we can discuss that.

Shipping outside of the United States is extra, as is shipping to the non-continental U.S.

If you are local, prices are different, so talk to me, and I’ll give you a quote.

You can email me about orders via ender [-at-]

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