Forums, Makerbot, and Storms, OH MY!

Yesterday (Leap Day) was an odd day, as I find most leap days are.

The Forum won’t let me log into the administration page, so I log in, then click the administration link, and it logs me out.  Strange.

The MakerBot at TechShop stopped working mid print (I was printing a frog since it was leap day) and we couldn’t get it going again.  Hopefully they have it sorted.

The Storms yesterday.  Oh my gosh.  There was a bolt of lightning that hit no more than a few hundred feet away.  I was at my Church (a Wednesday Night Dinner thing), and I was worried that the AED (Auto. External Defib.) would get some action.


Also, I’m looking for one or two people who would like a place to explore websites, I am willing to give you your own little part of my site.

What’s the catch?
Whatever you learn, you write up a post in a sub-blog, with a kind of Inception to Conception to completion feel.  You write a proposal, I’ll look them over, and give one or two of you a sub section, with your choice of types of things (aside from WordPress & PHBB, as I already have those) to create.  Once you’ve gotten it all set up, and when you want to move out to your own site, I’ll provide 100% of your files once you’ve held up your end of the bargain (Blogging on how to do what you’ve done) with no other strings or catches.

Think about it, and look for the link to my Dev-Blog in the next post.

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