Overwatch Arcade Workshop

Current Modes: 70M9K — Mystery Mayhem with Shopping {Beta, V1.04}

Find me on Discord, Ender#0117 and the Total Mayhem (unofficial) Discord https://discord.gg/DC8TczR

C — Cash / Points
H — Last Hero (Set on Death)
U — Stored Ult charge
D — Death Count (Affected by purchased revives)
R — Respawn Ult Charge Count (Persistant Ult between death/heroes)
P — Am I Purchasing?

Current Commands

Spawn Room
    Purchase last hero
        Cost: 1 point
        Key combo -- Crouch + Ability 1 (LShift) 
    Purchase Ultimate
        Cost: Variable -- .5 if 75% or more, else 1 pt
        Key Combo -- Crouch + Ultimate
While Dead
    Purchase Resurrect
        Cost: 1 point
        Key Combo -- Crouch + Attack
    Purchase Team Revive/
        Cost: 3 points
        Key Combo -- Ult + Attack

Dev Commands
    Debug Revive
    Reset Points

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