Scratch that, new idea!

So, as the top quote says: Where good ideas come to die.

I’m not going to do an IT blog, instead we’re going to have a blog detailing my time as an Ingress Resistance member.

 So, I started my journey to being a level 8 agent yesterday, and found that my city is cluttered with hundreds of links that don’t make sense, and dozens of portals next to each other.  It also seems that the Resistance is sorely lacking a strong presence in my city, so here’s to hoping that I can be a large influence here.


Day 2: I’m scheduled to join a group call (anonymously) to speak with other resistance members from my area within the next few days, and get a crash course for Ingress Tactics.

I’ll post at least once a week, and give tips and tricks that I find, in hopes that other resistance members can learn the hard lessons through me.

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