Minecraft Server now on 1.1

Well, I finally got around to it.

Minecraft Bukkit 1.1 R2 is now live on the server.

There may be some bugs, but I will deal with them as they arise.

Forums coming up,  click the link on the right to check them out!
Just set up the database, so give me some time to get it all working.

Administrator on Noobonic Plague

Well, after months of waiting, my Admin application on Noobonic has been approved!

I will be spending most of my gaming time on Noobonic, but I will still work on the minecraft servers here and there.

I will open up comments to anyone on this post, let me know what you would like to see on my Minecraft server in the near future.

Server Status

As you might have noticed, the server is running 1.1 vanilla for now.

With a new map.

That was because of a problem with another server, but don’t worry, I will restore the server to how it was tomorrow morning @ 11:00 AM.

Check back to see news on updates & plugins.


Work on the server will be put on hold, as some things are moving on other fronts, and I don’t have as much time as I did before, but I will be working on it here and there.

While Noobonic is Down

Just wanted you all to know that you are all welcome to have some fun on my Minecraft server while noobonic is down.

Hope to see you there,

Hello world!

Welcome to Ender’s Blog, Est. January 24th, 2012 A.D.

This blog will have information and updates on several topics, including my Minecraft server (And status), My Current Employment, Education, and other life topics.

I will keep each part separate, so no worries about having to read my life story just to find out what’s happening on the minecraft server.

Speaking of which, I will be adding a simple forum for that, so people can leave messages and ideas, talk about things, and what ever else people do on forums.

Looking to check out the minecraft server?  I just set up a forward, so instead of the IP address, here’s the New Link!  (Enter this in the ‘Address’ box in minecraft)


If anyone would like to give me a hand with minor things, or would like to have a section to post their own stuff in, let me know, just shoot an email to ender[—at—]enderomega.com


More to come soon, Keep an eye out!