The home page? What are you doing here?


So, you clicked the home button, eh?  Well, this site is mainly a collection of useful stuff I’ve found

What kind of useful stuff?  Links to products and services that solve problems, because that’s what the internet is for!  Also maybe get a few dollars for my trouble 🙂  (See affiliate disclaimer below)


I’m an IT Service Provider by day, a community manager and gamer by night, so most of what you’ll see here are webcam reviews, links to other people’s sites, and a mish-mash of whatever else happens to end up on my blog.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Most, if not all of the links I post here are known as affiliate links.  They have a code embedded that allows the company you purchase the item/service from to track who sent you there, and they are generally compensating me for that referral.

WYSIWYG – At your own risk

Everything here is what you see/what you get!  No warranties are implied or provided, this is merely a layover on your journey through the internet.  Use of this site and clicking of links constitutes agreement of this 😉

Professional Services

If you like the information here, but need help implementing it, get it touch!  You can send me a tweet @enderomega, a discord message Ender#0117, or find me on Steam.